Filling unique and niche roles for data startup from San Francisco

On-demand recruiting & sourcing aid

30 very niche hires

02 teams built from scratch

01 recruiter on board

Industry: Big Data Business Intelligence Headquarters: San Francisco, USA

Jumpshot is a San Francisco based startup which analyzes and processes big data to deliver insights into online consumer behavior. The company’s real-time, opt-in global panel tracks 5 billion actions a day across 100 million devices.

The challenge

Thriving companies have to ramp up recruitment at some point to keep pace with business growth. And Jumpshot was growing like crazy. 

Company’s staffing goals had to be ambitious.

Double the team in the Prague office

Build 2 teams completely from scratch

Fill niche roles like Scala / Spark / Kafka engineers

Manage all of these within 1 years

The solution

01 Define the strategy

First, we partnered up with stakeholders and high management to discuss Jumpshots’s situation, goals and staffing needs.

Discussions revealed we need to fill roles that are very niche to the local market. It was obvious that top-level sourcing is the key.

02 One recruiter on board & sourcing aid

Within flexible on-demand recruiting service we fully allocated 1 recruiter who worked remotely with occasional onsite presence. We engaged other sourcing experts when needed.

Leading recruiter helped to optimize the staffing process. We fully covered the initial steps of hiring like market mapping and first sourcing. This phase was extremely crucial as we were looking for scarce, hard-to-find talent on Czech market.

With the technical market tightening, we tried a number of recruiting agencies, but our hiring was slow and hard. Nymble changed that for us; thank you for being an amazing partner and a pleasure to work with! Ivo Dujmovic, VP Engineering, Jumpshot

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03 Business consulting

Our expert closely cooperated with interviewers, provided consultations and data reports to the management.

The entire staffing project for Jumpshot took 1 year. We filled all roles and even went ahead of time plan.

The result

We filled all opened positions ahead of time.

All-levels hires - leadership / senior / mid.

Data scientist and Data quality team built from scratch.

Helped to kick-off the hiring for a brand new office in Brno.

Is on-demand recruiting for you?

Hiring for Jumpshot was efficient and fast. Flexible on-demand recruiting covered client’s staffing needs and expert consultations helped to adjust the process.

But no company is the same. That’s why we always tailor services to meet our client’s needs.

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