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Scaling SentinelOne new Prague office from ground up

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I spoke to 4 different vendors, but knew early on that nymble was the one I wanted to be part of our journey. There was a personal, authentic, open feel about how they work with companies - I got honest feedback on the market and the challenges and their track record of partnering with companies new to the region was impressive and inspired confidence. The team worked tirelessly on sourcing and qualifying across a broad range of R&D reqs - delivering significant success and in total over 20 hires in the first 8 months. Having embedded talent (RPO model) to support building the foundations was critical & we have since pivoted to a contingency arrangement, exclusively using nymble across our hard to fill reqs... why would I work with anyone else? :-)

John Burnet Director, International Recruiting

Partnering up as strong brand ambassadors of Vay in a hyper scale-up phase.

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Vay approached Nymble as a recruitment partner to manage and support the company’s hyper scale up phase. Nymble hit the ground running straight away and really embedded themselves with Vay executives, team and culture.
Nymble consultants became strong brand ambassadors of Vay and were able to identify and attract high quality candidates across a very diverse business spectrum.
In the space of 10 months, Nymble made 34 placements, including some top critical technical management roles.

Fabrizio Ugo Scelsi Co-Founder, Vay

Building a new tech hub for one of the world’s fastest growing travel startups

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Nymble came on board when we started a brand new office in Prague. Before that, Nymble supported our Berlin recruitment team. They made 22 crucial hires in our tech organization.

Tomáš Vocetka VP of Engineering, Omio

Establishing an engineering center for a Malaysian startup iflix.

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I have been working with Nymble for the past year during which time helped recruit exceptional candidates. I find them to be very engaging, dependable and high in integrity. They take the time to understand our business, culture and values in order to provide the right fit and beyond just technical skillsets and capabilities.

Hizam Sahibudeen Head of Engineering, iflix

We filled unique data engineering roles for a startup from San Francisco.

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With the technical market tightening, we tried a number of recruiting agencies, but our hiring was slow and hard. Nymble changed that for us; thank you for being an amazing partner and a pleasure to work with!

Ivo Dujmovic VP of Engineering, Jumpshot

Becoming the key hiring partner for the top Czech fintech startup Twisto

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What differentiates Nymble is the time they first spent learning about our technology stack, business and culture and consequently only referred candidates with 100% fit.

Michal Smida CEO & Founder, Twisto

We cooperate with global tech leaders as well as awesome startups.

We helped to scale a European food-delivery start-up

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Working with Nymble was a fantastic experience; Nymble didn't just press candidates on rigorous technical requirements, but held numerous calls so that each could get to know our product very well and get the feel of our culture. It felt like they were part of our internal team.

Tomas Kruty Director of Engineering, Orderlord

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