Becoming the key hiring partner for the top czech fintech start-up Twisto

Our recruiter in your office & sourcing aid

30 tech and non-tech hires

03 years of long-term partnership

01 recruiters on board

Industry: Fintech Headquarters: Prague, Czech republic

Twisto is a revolutionary payment method that is making online transactions easier and more secure, allowing the users to pay with just one click.

The challenge

In 2016, Twisto was beginning to grow intensively and needed a partner to help them with the most crucial hires for the business, and overall hiring strategy. That’s when our journey started. And successfully went all the way to 2019 with the total of 30 hires.

Make crucial technical hard-to-fill hires to expand new and existing teams.

Build a long-term partnership with the business to support stable growth.

Improve the key processes (hiring, onboarding, referral programme).

The solution

01 Define the strategy

First, we conducted a detailed market analysis to provide relevant up-to-date data to the client, including location-specific salary ranges and candidate pool overview.

Discussions with the client revealed our mission will require us to stay close to the business and help define long-term efficient processes to support the intense growth phase.

02 One recruiter on board & sourcing aid

Within the RPO model (recruiter in your office), we fully allocated one expert working onsite at client’s office to support the hiring needs and work closely with top management and the whole team. We were able to react promptly and added a sourcing aid to boost the pipeline when needed.

What differentiates Nymble is the time they first spent learning about our technology stack, business and culture and consequently only referred candidates with 100% fit. Michal Šmída, CEO Twisto

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03 Business consulting

Our recruiter closely cooperated with hiring managers to help improve and optimize the whole process and boost the candidate experience. The results were more than positive with 30 filled roles so far and an ongoing long-term cooperation.

The result

All key roles filled on time (both technical and non-technical).

Long-term business partnership and trust.

DevOps and Frontend teams built from scratch.

Improved hiring process, onboarding, referral programme.

Is RPO for you?

Hiring for Twisto is a successful ongoing journey. Flexible long-term RPO mode covered client’s staffing needs and expert consultations helped to adjust the process.

But no company is the same. That’s why we always tailor services to meet our client’s needs.

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