Partnering up as strong brand ambassadors of Vay in a hyper scale-up growth phase.

Embeded recruitment cooperation

34 senior & leadership hires

10 months of cooperation

02 recruiters on board

Industry: Autonomous mobility Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Vay is a deep technology startup that creates a new path for mobility by offering a unique teledrive-first approach to autonomous driving.

The challenge

In early 2022 Vay raised $95 million Series B funding (largest ever for any company in our space in Europe!) and set out on a journey to be the first product of the kind on European streets. Vay joined forces with two of our consultants to help double-size the company and hire across multiple different divisions in order to reach the goal and launch the service in the same year.

Partner with Hiring Managers from Hardware, Software Engineering, Safety, Operations.

Simultaneously run end-to-end recruiting processes for a number of highly critical, senior level positions

Take a careful and sensitive approach, facing a stiff competition in the market for a very small pool of relevant and experienced candidates.

The solution

01 Define the strategy

We hit the ground running with Talent Acquisition projects in diverse areas: candidate assessment, candidate attraction, interview process redesign, and recruiting analytics. Our focus, above all, has remained on delivering impact; operating as “one-team” approach with our partners and making hiring a success for them.

02 One recruiter on board & sourcing aid

Our consultants quickly committed to deliver a diverse set of roles which included positions within Systems, Automotive Safety, Software and Vehicle engineering, using a strong customer focus and service attitude.

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03 Professional consulting

Thanks to close cooperation with the founders and hiring managers, we helped to redesign candidate process for more efficiency to accommodate hyper scale-up growth. The team has also delivered challenging recruitment projects on time with a high impact which resulted in a number of leadership hires. 

The entire project took less than 10 months and enabled Vay to build their internal Talent Acquisition team in the meantime. 

The result

Delivered challening recruitment projecs on time.

Niche Senior & Leadership hires.

Redesigned & streamlined recruitment process

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